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Guided Sleep Meditation Audio Lecture


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Relax your body, calm your mind, and soothe your spirit with this Guided Sleep Meditation Audio Lecture mp3 download lecture. Practicing meditation can help with greater mental clarity, resetting, and rebalancing every system in your body. This guided meditation for ‘Easing Into Sleep’ will allow you to experience a blissful transportation into a peaceful land of slumber. Through gentle breathwork, you will be grounded to the present moment and mindfully guided to sleep. This meditation will blissfully relax your body, and allow mental freedom to release the day. A practice for a better sleep will enhance the quality of your rest, while supporting inner peace and relaxation. It may even help those who suffer with insomnia or sleep troubles, by promoting overall calmness. This visualisation practice entails of guiding you on a journey on a cloud. Clouds are a byproduct of water and air. Water symbolising clarity and purity, whereas air can symbolise the mind, emotion, and intelligence. Both elements combined together result in a clear mind and emotional purity. In despite of a cloud’s spiritual meaning, it is light, airy, and elevated. This imagery will help you to physically and mentally unwind, fully immersing in the present moment in pure relaxation. It will shift you away from any overactive thoughts, allowing you to imagine that you are softly floating on a cloud. This will reduce the impact of worry, stress and tension in the body before you sleep. By deepening the relaxed state of your body and mind, you will start to notice improvements in your sleep quality and duration. A visualisation technique will allow you to let go of any world concerns, and rest your mind so in the morning you will wake up refreshed and rejuvenated. It will help you enter a trance-like state similar to a process of hypnosis. Furthermore by practising this meditation, you will be entering a state of physical calmness, which in turn will lower your heart rate and slow down your breathing. All of these changes will prepare you for a good night sleep. You may even drift off to sleep during the practice — that’s perfectly fine. This meditation lecture also includes a set of affirmations that are encouraged to be repeated by the listener. Affirmations are powerful tools to be used to release negative thinking patterns, worry, and anxiety. When they are repeated, they tend to have a profound impact on your conscious and unconscious mind, leading to overall positive lifestyle changes. For best results, it is recommended to practice meditation daily. Regular practice can help to reduce everyday anxiety and stress, improve your sleep, energise your body and mood, and ultimately improve your overall health and wellbeing. So breathe in, and may you find stillness within.


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