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Anti-Aging CBD Moisturizer For Reducing Appearance Of Wrinkles + Hydration Benefits

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04 Aug 2020

Everyone wants to age gracefully while keeping wrinkles at bay. The dream and desire of every person is to have a radiant and age defying skin. Well, a lot of products have flooded the market today and choosing what fits for your skin seems pretty hard. It is still possible to get the full package of such a product at Allueur. Our anti-aging moisturizers for a long time have been top rated in the market and we are still not yet done.

Allueur wants to tell you something – moisturizers are good for your skin but not good enough to prevent signs of aging. By adding a little bit of cannabidiol oil to ordinary anti-aging moisturizer, your skin will have found its long needed cure. CBD anti-aging moisturizers have taken the beauty world by storm. Our latest CBD anti-aging cream is highly recommended to restore your youth, moisturize and perfect the look of pores and even fight aging appearance. This masterpiece has more than one benefit compared to other ordinary anti-aging moisturizers. No wonder, most dermatologists recommended it.

Anti-Aging CBD Moisturizer for Reducing Appearance of Wrinkles + Hydration Benefits

Before we discuss about CBD anti-aging moisturizer let us understand what causes our skin to look different as we age.

What Makes Us Age?

Even your great grandmother was fine and young-looking like you. As we get older and days go by we notice a few wrinkles here and there and before we know it the skins starts creasing and begins to sag. The process of aging is a normal and biological and we can’t avoid it because as we age so does our skin.

If not taken care of, the fine lines can results to deep wrinkles. Collagen the most abundant proteins in the body, promotes skin elasticity and helps keep the skin to be firm and strong. At the age of 20, production of collagen by the skin decreases making the skin less firm and stronger.

Oils glands found in the skin that makes our skin look vibrant, healthy and youthful, as we age, these glands also produce less oil and this leads to dryness in the skin. Elastin levels also decrease and the skin has lower levels of elasticity making it incapable of healing itself and therefore it starts cracking. Environmental factors also accelerate the aging process e.g. exposure of the skin to sun and lifestyle habits. All this enhances loss of collagen and elastin which leads to the skin being delicate, have more wrinkles, sunspots, dry and deep lines.

Benefits of Using Normal Anti-aging Moisturizers vs CBD Anti-aging Moisturizer

Benefits of using normal anti-aging moisturizers

Basically, most normal anti-aging products have presence of moisturizing ingredients whose sole purpose is to rehydrate the top layer of the skin. Therefore, their main work is to enhance protection, lubrication and moisturization of the skin and if not used frequently, the skin may start to dry up and flake off.

Most ordinary anti-aging moisturizers help improve damaged dry skin, protect sensitive skin and promote good skin texture. In essence, unless an anti- aging moisturizer has other ‘active ingredients’, alone, it cannot prevent wrinkles.

What would happen if CBD is one of the ‘active ingredients added to the normal anti-aging moisturizer? If you add CBD or hemp seed oil to any anti- aging moisturizers you will have the perfect combo to make your skin say good bye to wrinkles, dryness and sagginess.

Let’s sit back and learn the wonders of CBD as one of the major ingredients that will make your skin to never thirst again.

Benefits of Using Normal Anti-aging Moisturizers vs CBD Anti-aging Moisturizer

CBD Anti-Aging Moisturizers Benefits

In recent research, scientists have agreed that CBD is a powerful antioxidant. Its strength is beyond that of vitamin C and E combined together. As a strong antioxidant, it slows the aging process, by increasing collagen production which is important for production of healthy skin.

Researchers say, its ability to reduce free radicals which lead to collagen loss is simply splendid allowing the skin to have a radiant and youthful look. This power product enables minimum production of sebum which helps alleviate acne problems.

Its unique anti- inflammatory qualities can also repair damaged skin and reduces skin discoloration, fine lines and wrinkles. Among the many benefits of CBD to other body parts, it also works more than magic to the skin. When infused with creams, essential oils and vitamins, CBD has proven to fight age and leave your skin looking refreshed, alive and youthful.  To enjoy this amazing product shop our CBD day or night cream and experience its benefits.

Let’s discuss some more benefits of using Allueur anti-aging moisturizer 30 ml to your skin.

CBD Anti-Aging Moisturizers Benefits

Soothing Effect+ Ability To Provide Firmness To All Skin Types

We all have different skin types, therefore what best works for your skin is what you need. Our CBD anti-aging cream contains soothing ingredients like vitamin E, Aloe Vera which restores and hydrates the skin.

For those with dry skin, its soothing effects does wonders to the skin since it has a blend of coconut and sunflower seed oils that hydrates the skin. It unplugs pores for the oily skins.

It soothes the most sensitive skins due to the fact that hemp seed oil is also included which smoothens rough cells on skin surface offering moisturizing benefits. Despite your skin color or type, our CBD anti-aging cream will be instrumental in providing firmness to your skin and give perfect results you desire.

Soothing Effect+ Ability To Provide Firmness To All Skin Types

Protection Against Sun Damage + Reducing Wrinkles and Fine Lines

Lovers of outdoors activities are guaranteed of their skin not being damaged by the sun. The hemp seed oil present in the anti-aging moisturizer 30ml help to moisturize and hydrate your skin. Its ability to stimulate growth of smooth, evenly pigmented skin is because it contains Alpha Hydroxy Acids which are effective in reducing fine line and wrinkles.

The same AHA’s help to stave off of any noticeable fine lines and deal with problems of skin discoloration. The presence of vitamin A, an antioxidant assists in high production levels of collagen fibres which offer elasticity cutting down on wrinkles.

Protection Against Sun Damage + Reducing Wrinkles and Fine Lines

Treating Dry Skin and Acne+ Unclogging Pores

Dry skin makes the signs of aging worse. This power product has the ability to reduce sebum production which helps mitigate acne problems. Its light weight texture and no pore clogging components help to rejuvenate the skin while decreasing occurrence of acne and hence promote production of healthy skin cells.

Intensive Repair + Skin Restoring Abilities

Infused with Vitamin E, the anti-aging cream helps the skin to naturally replenish itself. When applied to the skin, our CBD anti-aging cream promotes healing, reduces redness, relieves itching pains and prevents further inflammation bringing out more glow and freshness to the skin.

Experiencing CBD Anti- Aging Moisturizer: Smell, Texture and Effects


When choosing any skin care, the scent dictates a lot. Bearing in mind that over doing it can cause skin irritation, the fragrances are sparingly used to produce a subtle scent which is relaxing, comfortable and lovely to smell.


Its ability to quench a dry skin and easy absorption is still a mystery. This amazing moisturizer, is light, has a silky texture to moisturize the skin immediately after use.  Easy to spread and leaves no greasy feeling after use.


This is not your average anti-aging cream that will shock you with the fine lines at first then re-appear with time. CBD antiaging moisturizer will soften and improve your skin texture within weeks of use. Its easy penetration to top layers of the skin will bring unbelievable healing effects. Visible signs of a radiant and youthful skin will be hard to ignore.

Experiencing CBD Anti- Aging Moisturizer: Smell, Texture and Effects

Why Trust Us

We care about you and we have invested a lot into analyzing and testing our products so as to ensure that they are safe for human use. Our aim is to build long lasting relationship with our customers from all corners of the earth.

We firmly believe in delivering quality and high end effective products. Every time you shop our CBD day and night cream expect quality and satisfaction of a brand you can always trust.

Who We Are, What We Stand For and Why You’ll Love Our Products

We are a company that take strict standards in all matter dealing with production of all our products. Allueur believes in providing highly valuable products to its customers.

With help from certified dermatologists we have taken time, caution and effort to make our products highly safe and fit for use.

All our products are a stepping stone towards achieving the skin you long for in a safe way.

Every step of manufacturing was done putting our users’ needs and desires in mind.

How to Apply Anti-Aging CBD Moisturizer

Aim for your targeted areas as you apply the cream. Apply to a fresh cleaned face without makeup on. If you choose to wear it during day time, don’t forget your sunscreen and these will prevent sunburns. Use daily as needed and enjoy the journey towards a more glowing, youthful you!

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